Montreal’s Role at the Dawn of Artificial Intelligence
 Aiden Locke @lockedsgn

Aiden Locke @lockedsgn

Whenever I hear the phrase “artificial intelligence,” I get sucked in a rabbit hole of pop-culture-inspired reveries. Science fiction has, from its very inception, depicted sentient artificial beings capable of empathy, self-awareness, and existentialist struggle. 

Science fiction almost always gives us two visions of our future relationship with AI: We’ll either fall madly in love with artificial beings, or our sentient creations will turn on us and destroy us. 

In Spike Jonze’s 2013 movie Her, the main character Theodore updates his computer operating system specially designed for him and later develops a romantic relationship with it. In Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult-classic Blade Runner, Rick Deckard falls in love with an artificial human/machine named Rachael, whom he’s supposed to kill.

Through the development of AI we’re promised a better future, technologically and economically. This is especially the case in Canada and in Montreal.

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