Concordia Joins Artificial Intelligence “Supercluster”
 Elisa Barbier

Elisa Barbier

Concordia will be joining SCALE.AI, a project that “will focus on defining a global supply chain platform that will boost artificial intelligence and data science in Canada.” The news was announced in a blog post on Concordia’s website on Feb. 20.

The project, described as a “supercluster,” involves “close to 120 industrial partners, world-class research institutions and other organizations” to research AI-powered supply chains for “retail, manufacturing and infrastructure” industries in Canada.

That means finding new and innovative ways to integrate transport by plane, boat, truck, and rail in supply chains through artificial intelligence so they become more efficient, according to Dr. Christophe Guy, vice-president of Research and Graduate Studies at Concordia.

Think of Amazon’s one-day shipping logistics, but for companies.

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